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Happy Investor Method - Find Financial Freedom With Our Investment Courses

Does Your Money Create Freedom, Happiness, and a Legacy?

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Investing in the stock market has the power to change your life for the better.

Isn’t it time you put that power to work for you?

Introducing the Happy Investor Method™... where happiness meets investing.

Listen, if you’ve been hesitant to jump into the stock market with both feet because you’re worried that investing is a dangerous gamble, I’ve got something to tell you:

It’s not… if you know what you’re doing.

Want to know a secret about investing?

Ready? 5…4…3…2...

You see, many people come to us because they’re unhappy with their financial lives, and the bottom line is, they believe they could be doing more – saving more, investing more, planning more, enjoying more. But they aren't sure where or how to start.

Know this: The success of your wealth is not based on your age, race, gender, profession, or background. It’s all about having a successful investment method. 

For our members, it’s about what we call the Happy Investor Method™.

Here's What You Need to Succeed

The investor's edge is fertilizer for your garden of wealth! That is why we provide a 90-day training program for investors just like you.
​Once understanding the strategies, lingo, and functionalities you create a strong, sustainable investment vehicle!



We’ll give you the easiest-to-implement, most time-effective way to invest and grow your money.



We'll help you understand how to invest using simple tasks and tech. Yes, we’ll teach you how to make technology your best friend, even if it's currently an adversary.



Use your investments to create positive change for the generations that follow, especially in your own family.

Meet Our CEO & Lead Instructor

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I'm Angela.

I’m Angela Matthews, DIY Investment Coach and founder of the Happy Investor Method™, where I teach practical stock market investing with a sprinkle of happiness training.

I’ve been investing for more than ten years, and those investments have allowed me to travel the world (39 countries and counting), take care of my parents, pay for my wedding, and purchase our first home. Because I know how to invest, I am confident about future challenges such as putting our daughter through college and having a comfortable retirement.

I want these same possibilities for you, as well. 

Through my courses and programs, I’ve taught more than 5,000 people the importance and value of figuring out a personal investment strategy that works for them. My clients range from newbie investors to those who have been investing for a while. But many of them have little reason behind what they choose to invest in, and no real sense of whether they are on a path to actual financial freedom. (Sound familiar?)

What Makes Me An Expert?

I’ve been investing in the stock market since early 2008. But more importantly, I have the transaction and life receipts to prove I know successful investments inside and out.

Let's do the math

10 Years

Investing experience dating from before the last recession.

5 years

In business with over 5,000 clients served in our investment programs.

85 companies

Investments in 85+ companies & 8 different markets & industries.

3.5 million

Dollars generated passively among my students and me.

Though I’m a millennial, I’m not an investor newbie. I know what investment strategies work best, and I know how to leverage the stock market to get more money stacking up in my clients’ portfolios.

Discover how the Happy Investor Method™ can shift your money story.

Yvonne Testimonial SIZED

"I really appreciate the opportunity to have participated in your programs. I feel much more confident about investing. Without all the mystery. I feel like I can now make informed decisions and build a financial strategy and a portfolio."
- Yvonne

HR Manager, and Mother of 2

Joseph Testimonial SIZED

"Angela has one of the best personalities!!! That, along with her wealth of knowledge of the stock market, she makes it easy to understand the things we think are complicated by breaking things down to their most basic levels. I would recommend her, to anyone that is interested. She always says that you have to have "a guy" but she is definitely a go-to person"
- Joseph

Soon to be retired Government Employee

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For an Individual

Do you need some insight into your individual investment and financial strategy?

We’re here to create a personal investment strategy that works to generate wealth and increase your happiness.

Tamekia Testimonial SIZED

“Thank you so much for all that you are doing to help us who are not 'in the know' about investing.  I had to make a move today because I've been saying (forever) that I'll start investing one day, and time is passing me by. I'm trying to establish financial freedom for myself and build a legacy for my family.”

- Tamekia


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